Gaffney's Restaurant


Sunday Brunch at Gaffney’s



SOUP:  Cream of Mushroom with Beef & Peppers…4 cup, 5 bowl



Edd McMuffin…Fried Egg, Canadian Bacon & Cheddar cheese on an English muffin served with home fries…6.95


Omelet Du Jour~3 Eggs, Smoked salmon, Brie & Bacon served with toast and home fries…10.95


Mozzarella Sticks~served with marinara…7.95


Breakfast Burger~Double Quarter Pounder with scrambled eggs, bacon, ham & cheese on an English muffin served with house cut fries…9.95


Prime Rib~6 oz. with sautéed onions & swiss cheese served with fries…15.95




You can always swap out your fries for our Home made Mac Salad!!





Gaffney's Restaurant
16 Caroline Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866