Gaffney's Restaurant

Did You Know?

Over the past quarter century Gaffney’s has been visited by all kinds of famous folks: actors, musicians, jockeys, sports icons…if the walls could talk we’d all be a little worried!

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidnam dined at Gaffney’s while shooting Billy Bathgate in the local area.

Q: What drinks did they order? A: Two strawberry daiquiris.

Q: Why did Tom ask for the manager on duty? A: Because the urinal was clogged!

In the summer of 1983 the outside bar was a Raw seafood bar!

Gregg Allman walked out on his bar bill of $38.00.

Don McClean wrote the classic song “ Bye Bye American Pie” on Caroline street.

Chef Bobby Holt was written up in the highly respected “Food and Wine” magazine in 2001 for his “Red Bean and Rice Recipe”, which also proudly made it into the pages of their annual cookbook!

Sally Jessie Rafael enjoyed drinking vodka tonics one evening in the Gaffney’s Garden.

Mary Lou Whitney’s favorite French Fries in town are Gaffney’s

There is a 20-year-old time capsule buried in the brick wall in the Gaffney’s garden.

Famous faces over the years at Gaffneys:

Liza Manneli, Greg Almond, Sparkey Lyle, The Riders of the Purple Sage Group, Matt Roe, Greg Kubac, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sally Jessie Raphael, Gloria Steinman, The Moody Blues Donavan, Steve Miller, Logan English, Anthony Michael holt, Jerry Baily, Jeremy Shocky, Paul LaDucca, Bob Ursay Jr., Albert Finney, Angel Cordero, Chris Penn

At the turn of the 19th century, shortly after the Gaffney’s building was built, a resident supposedly died in the building. She has been dubbed “a lady of the evening” and has frequently been seen floating every since…

Gaffney's Restaurant
16 Caroline Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866